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LASER is one of the biggest Biscuit, Cakes, Cookies machines and production lines manufacture, They offer high quality equipment with good prices comparing with competitors in Europe, best support for both Sales and After Sales Services. Please visit: www.laserbiscuit.it

Industry-leading technology for the handling and processing of table eggs Table egg producers supply society with eggs in all forms - often, a life-ensuring food source for humans in all parts of the world. What is our role in this? We build and supply you with egg handling and processing equipment that exactly matches your requirements, ensuring safe, efficient, and smooth production. No matter if you have a small-, medium-, or large-sized egg production: we got your back for your entire project. With over 60 years of experience in the egg business, you rely on a trusted partner in the industry. Sanovo able to supply Eggs pasteurized & Powder lines, Eggs Grading lines, Farm Packer, Hatchery Packer, Eggs Vaccination. Please visit: www.sanovogroup.com

Rheon, a Japan-based corporation, is the leading manufacturer of automated food processing machinery. As the pioneer developer of Rheological engineering technology, Rheon drives the international food industry to modernization with its advanced and patented machinery for food encrusting, dividing and weighing of dough sheets. Rheon Automatic Machinery GmbH, situated in Düsseldorf, Germany, is the distribution and maintenance headquarters for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. With our professional network of agents, we provide sales and servicing of Rheon products for 30 countries.

Cavanna Packaging Group is an Italian company, born in Piedmont, specializing in packaging systems flowpack allowing a small wrapper to wrap a single product or group of products with a plastic film. Among the various sectors in which these types of packaging are used, there is first of all the food sector (industrial baking monotype and assorted biscuits, chocolate, products for breakfast, sweet and savory snacks, bread substitutes, coffee pods for automatic and semi-automatic coffee maker, cheese, frozen products), but also non-food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The product, independently of whether it be food based or other, is packaged and protected in order to preserve its quality, to ensure security and at the same time facilitate the opening to the final consumer. - 61 years of experience - 5 plants - 340 employees - 42 agencies covering 58 nations - More than 6.000 machines and completed lines installed worldwide - More than 900 customers - More than 100 patents registered Please visit: www.cavanna.com

MBD is the snack-food industry leader in providing quality, value added cookie and snack cake processing and packaging equipment. With over 45 years of experience in the Snack Food industry, our company excels in providing highly engineered, turn-key solutions for diverse customer needs. The proven simplicity and performance of our products has positioned us to be the industry leader with over 500 machines operating in 60+ countries. MBD manufacture COOKIE CAPPER, OVEN DEPOSITORS, TRAYPACKER, PLACEPACKER and Conveyors. Please visit: www.mbd-inc.com

Creating The Best Customised Bakery Equipment Solutions For Your Products As a designer and professional bakery supplier of high quality continuous process lines for bakery, confectionery and dairy products, we can help your business become more successful. TFT manufacture Marshmallow lines, Kitchens for all types of Cream, Jelly, Mallow, Chocolate from feeding the ingredients, mixing, buffer, control the temperature using scrape surface Heat Exchanger then make aeration before depositing. Please visit: www.tanisfoodtec.com

The company ME.TRA based in Verona - Italy - operates since more than 30 years in the field of chocolate and biscuits processing machinery. ME.TRA is one of the very few companies in the world capable of supplying complete chocolate plants, producing machines like: - Compact plants for production of chocolate, compound, creams and spreading masses. Production from 50 to 1000 kg/hour. - Storage tanks for liquid products and remelting units for blocks. - Automatic tempering machines from 50 to 2000 kg/hour. - Enrobing machines: enrobers for chocolate and compound - width from 250 to 2000 mm - with cooling tunnels, for small chocolates, bars, biscuits, wafers, cakes and ice creams - with or without decorators. - Automatic and semi-automatic moulding plants - output up to 1500 kg per hour - for solid chocolate with or without ingredients and for cream filled chocolate - traditional or one shot system. Using plastic moulds, loose or chain type. - Small "combined" machines for chocolate remelting, tempering, dosing, vibrating and shell making. - Automatic and semi-automatic plants for eggs and hollow chocolate articles production. - Chocolate eggs wrapping machines. - Nougat production lines. - Cooling tunnels for various applications. Please visit: www.me-tra.it

The durable machines from BVT Dough Process Solutions come into play after your dough has been mixed and is ready for further processing which includes lamination, sheeting and make up. Our robust, industrial processing machines are tailor made to your specifications and production needs. From processing dough for donuts and breads to croissants, pizzas, and more. At BVT Dough Process Solutions, we work with you to discover the best ways to carry out your line processes in relation to your processing needs. We are passionate about our business and craft, and we thoroughly enjoy bringing those to customers all over the world. Please visit: www.bvtbs.com

Unifiller, a subsidiary of the Linxis Group, is a global leader in specialized equipment for the food, bakery, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries. The group consists of leading companies focusing on mixing technologies, ingredient dosing systems and automated portioning systems. Unifiller manufacture Cheese Cake lines, Cakes, CupCakes, muffin Lines, All types of Depositors for Cream, Batter Sponge dough and Catering equipment as well. Please visit: www.unifiller.com

BISCUIT DEPOSITOR MACHINES - Examples of applications All computerized biscuit depository machines produced by Delfin have been designed to be versatile and easy to handle and to meet the various processing needs of confectioners as regards the dosing and automatic forming of any type of dough. Thanks to the numerous accessories for biscuit depository machines available, the possibilities to give any shape to the dough are practically unlimited: you can easily produce cookies, pastries, meringues, plumcakes, madelaine, muffins, sponge cake and all that the imagination of the pastry chef can imagine. Some examples of biscuits produced with Delfin computerized machines. Please visit: www.delfin.it

FoodTools manufactures automated portioning equipment for the food processing industry, helping bakers and food production facilities increase line speeds, decrease waste, eliminate inconsistent portions, and remove liability and human error. FoodTools produce slicers and cutters for Cakes, Bread, Cheese, biscuits in triangles, Rectangles,...... Shapes. Please visit: www.foodtools.com

NEFAMAK manufacture Flat And Hollow Wafer Production Lines. Cream filled flat wafers are made up to 6 wafer sheets and produced on semi- or fully automatic production lines. The wafer batter is produced in batches and then deposited automatically onto controlly pre-heated baking plates of gas heated ovens available with from 36 up to 112 baking pairs, and baked to wafer sheets within 2-3 minutes baking time depending on wafer thickness required. After baking process, the wafer sheets are automatically discharged and transferred to a cooler to cool down to room temperature before they are fed onto the fully automatic cream spreading machine which applies cream onto them and sandwiches them to wafer books. In case of chocolate-coated products, an additional conditioning of the wafer sheets is recommended to enrich the wafers with controlled moisture, to prevent later cracking of the chocolate coating.The finished cream-filled wafer books are cooled and processed to wafer fingers in the cutting machine. Finally, the wafers are transferred to a chocolate enrobing line or a packaging system. Please visit: www.nefamak.com

ICA manufactures automatic packaging machinery that create, pouches, vacuum packs, capsules, pods and water-soluble single-use packs. Please visit: www.icaspa.it

We make packing lines for traditional bakery foods like cakes, crackers, breads, and candies; We manufacture massive amount of mask packaging machines to support countries abroad to fight COVID 19. We work out customized machines to pack irregular shaped products like vegetables, chicken, gloves and etc. We supply flow wrapping machines with/without automatic feeding systems, also we can supply Vertical Packaging machines. Please visit: www.soontruemachinery.com

OVORIDER provides a wide range of high quality products and technology for all stages of egg processing. Its founder, Sergio Battalliard, has developed thirty years of experience in the poultry sector for which he has worked all over the world, acquiring a deep knowledge of the needs of breeders and the most innovative technologies on the market. Able to supply the following: - Eggs Grader, Palletizers, Printers, packing. - Machines for hard boiled eggs. - Mayonnaise Lines. - Eggs Breaking, Pasteurizing, Drying. - Incubators and Hatcheries. - Grains storage Siols and Feed mills. - Filling machines. Please visit: www.ovorider.com

GALDI DESIGNS AND MANUFACTURES GABLE TOP FILLING SOLUTIONS،We provide value-added solutions for the filling and packaging of milk, dairy products, fruit juices, liquid eggs in Gable Top cartons and we are committed to ensuring customer satisfaction through ongoing relationships. Please visit: www.galdi.it